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Maritime Lawyer

on Thu, 11/19/2015 - 05:48

What Maritime Law Really Is!

First readers, you must know what Maritime Law is! So, basically, it's a body of international and domestic laws and treaties that target fisheries as well as navigable territorial and international waters in this world. It also governs the conduct of all sailors and passengers, as well as regulating ships, commerce, navigation rights, shipping and goods on board those ships. Maritime law also covers any number of land-based activities that pertain to maritime marinas and docks that surround the water.

Why Do You Need A Maritime Lawyer?

Well, these astute legal wizards pretty much perform the same criminal and civil defense services other lawyers handle except for one minor item. These folks deal in legal issues that involve canals, waterways, the open sea and oceans, cargos on the vessels, recreational and pleasure activities, barges, as well as, oil drilling and gas rigs. Actually, the list of what a maritime lawyer does is nearly endless.

What Types Of Maritime Injury Claims Are Involved?

Much like a personal injury lawyer operating in the states or foreign country, a certain percentage of maritime law cases will involve a personal injury, wrongful death to a seamen, passenger, or longshoremen. Federal law overseas all claims because state workers' compensation that apply to all land-based employment is not applicable to workers aboard a vessel. Like your state workers' comp claims, it doesn't matter who is at fault for an accident aboard a ship. What is called "Maintenance and Cure" rights take effect immediately.

Note: Since most cases involve "negligence" legal damage compensation will often include:
* Lost wages
* medical expenses
* Pain and suffering
* Lost earning capacity
* Mental anguish
* Any type of disfigurement 



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